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Sessions of Discovery

Removing Unconscious Debris from the Soil of the Soul

Welcome to Sessions of Discovery. A place where we honor the Sacred in everyone and in everything. If our life is to be lived, then life must already be something, just like you. Already something.  For us, that means we are all born with a Gift. If you aren’t yet aware of that gift, come with me and allow me to facilitate it’s discovery.  If you know your gift, allow me to facilitate it’s development so you can share your gift with the world.

Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance: Anytime. Anywhere.

African Elemental Stone and Shell Divination as Taught by Malidoma Somé

Anthony Johnson, Mtuaswa

Life Coach, African Diviner, Spiritual Guide, Wordsmith

Mississippi born and Chicago bred, Anthony Johnson is an energetic and engaging speaker, writer, poet, producer, soldier, teacher, Diviner and Father and Husband. Mtuaswa (a Kiswahili name meaning, “Natural Man”) is a graduate of the Indigenous African Spiritual Technologies training with Malidoma Some, whom he met and has worked with since 1995.

Author of What if God Is a Woman

Anthony “Mtuaswa” Johnson blends Mississippi-born roots with a Chicago streets upbringing and African spirituality to create poems rich with authentic words of busting through perceived limitations, expanding ourselves, moving beyond victim consciousness and into self-awareness and self-realization.

“We know when to swim and when to wade….

What is a Divination and What can it do for Me?

Remember your Genius

Sessions of Discovery is a personal empowerment session where your Genius is remembered and we’ll have some fun along the way.

Key to Life's Purpose

Take the journey and remember “the job you cannot be fired from,” or your Elemental Self, which is the key to your Life purpose.

Timeless & Powerful

Enjoy And Experience the Art of African Elemental Stone and Shell Divination, an ancient Indigenous Spiritual Technology practiced by Indigenous communities since time began.

African Elemental Divinations

Enjoy And Experience the Art of African Elemental Stone and Shell Divination, based upon ancient Indigenous Spiritual Technologies practiced by Indigenous communities since time began. Join Master Poet and Diviner Mtuaswa Anthony N. Johnson, (AJ) to explore the Art of Divination, based on the teachings of the Dagara people of West Africa and taught to him by world-renown Shaman Malidoma Some. The purpose of Divination is to help you bring your medicine into this world, to uncover your gifts. All ancient cultures have had diviners; our modern culture has lost this art.

Get to the Root of your Issue

Discover what you haven’t been seeing about yourself, where you’re going, and how to embody the life you’ve been put on this planet to live.  Fulfill your purpose, engage the world with passion, and show up with your most authentic, connected being.  Get grounded in your roots, and reach for the stars.  One session will most likely change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Praise for Mtuaswa and his Transformational Work

“My session with AJ was simply the most profound I have ever experienced and I have had many”

Dewitt Lobrano

“Mtuaswa reading the stones and shells to tell my story was like walking with a good friend down the river of life, always knowing the flow is in the right direction, guiding me toward Source”

Kathleen Hanagan

“Spending time with AJ was way beyond my expectations. My days with him were the most wonderful afternoons of Discovery”

Rita Clark

“I gained some valuable insight and recommend AJ without hesitation”

Abdul Hakim

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